Our Services
GLITF SA offers access to General Information Sessions, Forums with guest speakers and Discussion & Support Sessions with our team of support volunteers, access to our pro bono registered Migration Agents, access to Justice of the Peace Services and to GLITF SA organised social & Community events.

In order access all these benefits you are required to become a 'full' member of our Association. 'Associate' members are welcome to attend the social events and monthly forums.

Key Criteria of a Partner Migration Visa are:-
Financial Aspects
Social Aspect of the relationship
Nature of Household
Nature of couple commitment to each other

General Information Sessions
These meetings are open to the public and members and have been established to keep people informed and updated about the partner migration process. It also gives members going through the process a chance to meet other members and discuss issue that they are experiencing as they progress through the partner migration process. At least two of these sessions will be conducted during the year and dates and times will be posted on the Association’s Facebook page.

FORUMS – Guest Speakers
GLITF SA has guest speaker forums which are open to members and in some cases the general public. Some of the forums will deal direct with issue about the requirements and documentation required to lodge a Partner Migration application. Other forums are a good place to find out general information about partner visa immigration and settling issue in South Australia.

Discussion & Support Sessions – Volunteers Support
These sessions are for members and are intended to help you while you are preparing your application. Our team of Support Volunteers, members who have completed the Partner Migration Process, will assist you through your application step by step to ensure that the application you will be submitting meets the key criteria of a Partner Visa. These Support Volunteers will provide members with the necessary moral support throughout the residency application process.

Social & Community
GLITF SA as part of its objects arranges social functions and events for members, their friends and family to fully integrate into the South Australian community and to meet alike members who have gone through or are going through the Partner residency application process.

Migration Agent – Pro Bono Service
GLITF SA has an arrangement with registered migration agents to provide a single pro bono service (free) and is normally restricted to approximately half an hour. It is recommended that this consultation be held at the beginning so the agent has a full understanding of the current status of the relationship. Financial members of the Association will be supplied with an appropriate referral letter by the GLITF SA Secretary.

If the member's application is already at an advanced stage ready for submission to DIBP, the entire package should be brought to the meeting for the agent to review.

Justice of the Peace Services
Supporting documents are required to be submitted as part of a member’s application and these documents are certified copies. You will also need to have your statements witnessed by authorised persons. For this purpose we have members who are Justices of the Peace in South Australia who volunteer their time to carry out this assistance to members. Please contact the Association’s Secretary to arrange contact.

Australian citizenship
GLITF SA can guide and assist it’s members who meet the necessary eligibility and residence requirements to seek citizenship to Australia.

For more information about registered migration agents please contact the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority.