The Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force (SA), or GLITF SA is a voluntary community non-profit organisation based in South Australia with the prime objective to offer support, assistance to couples applying for a Partner Migration Visa.

A Partner Visa is designed for an applicant who wishes to migrate to Australia on a permanent basis to be with their partner, who is either an Australian Citizen or Australian Resident, or Eligible New Zealand Citizen.

The Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force SA (GLITF SA) was formed in 1985 and was formally incorporated in April 1993. The GLITF network has been working quietly behind the scenes to make it possible for Australians to bring our partners home to live with us in Australia.

GLITF SA is affiliated with similar organisations bearing the same name in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, but all function independently of each other. We operate entirely on membership fees, donations and fund-raising. We have active members from diverse backgrounds and all parts of the globe.

GLITF's process is very much a 'Do-It-Yourself' procedure – we provide information, assistance, guidance, checking and ultimately moral support, to members for them to write their own migration application.

This process is significantly different from you paying a migration adviser thousands of dollars to prepare your application. Our process means that you will have to do a little more work in understanding the actual requirements but you will need to gather all the necessary documentation required by either method.

However, that translates to a substantial amount of dollars saved in fees to migration advisers.
We have a team of volunteer members who along with registered migration agents assist members though the process of the Partner Migration Visa.

GLITF SA conducts regular forums and holds social functions for its members, friends and non-members to attend. Details of these functions are sent to members and you can see these events and forms listed on the Associations Facebook page.